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Nature's Bounty Co., formerly known as NBTY, is an American manufacturer of vitamins and nutritional supplements which are distributed under many third party brands in the United States and internationally. Its name was changed from Nature's Bounty, Inc. to NBTY, Inc. in 1995. NBTY also markets products to chain stores such as CVS and Target.

Sharon is disapointed in the product and wrote a review on their site, "I have been taking Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails 3 a day for 3 months I did miss 2 days I wrote it down. My hair is still coming out like crazy and my nails have not improved. They might work for others but I do not see any improvement what so ever."


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Current Employee - Quality Analyst says

"Management only hire/ promote people they know not people who are qualified"

Former Employee - Picker says

"Management, Communication. Needs improvement on work plan."

Warehouse Associate says

"Horrible leadership, HR is a complete joke, compensation does NOT take into account rising cost of living. Favoritism is the out of control some get away with everything other get in trouble if they say hello wrong. No support and refuse to encourage growth inside the company would rather hire outside than promote internal growth"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New leadership has created a toxic culture at the organization. There is a mass exodus of talent. It is every man for themselves. Compensation is below industry standard and departments operate on Skelton crews. For a health and wellness company they sure don’t care about their employees, as they have stripped away all of the wellness programs."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management are only there to reduce costs and wait for the big pay day when company is sold in next 3 years. They have no idea how to grow the company. No sales growth in years only cutting costs. Owned by KKR who is likely to sale the company in pieces or pull out all value and declare bankruptcy as they did with ToysRus. Culture is save money at all costs, nothing toward growth. Employees are expandable and mean nothing to leadership. Barely any promotion from within. They say one thing and do the opposite. They promote open honest discussions but be careful what you say, it will impact you greatly and not positively. Only people that get credit are complainers who offer no value. They get rid of good people that really care about the company and bring in people who are great at talking but little skill at doing and only care about they pay at the end of KKR. They make themselves look good by bringing everyone else around them down. Morale can't be any worst. People you dealt with for many years all of a sudden are gone and no one knows why. This is now the norm, everyone is just waiting for the next layoff with no explanation or the most ridiculous justification. One other ridiculous thing - CEO has pet peeves that turn into huge waste of time for everyone. he has too much time on his hands and is able to micro-manage the most minor bullcrap. I guess that's what happens when you are not 100% focused on growing sales."

Current Employee - Team Leader says

"This company is a leader in vitamins and now it has the former CEO of a vaping and e-cigarette company at its CEO. The CEO was most recently the head of NJOY. What a distinguished background to bring to this supposed wellness company. It seems the CEO realizes his experience at NJOY and vaping is truly toxic for public health and his career since he excludes NJOY from his bio. It's like rewriting history by omission. Good going, CEO. The only good thing is his time at NJOY was a true crash and burn, and he left quickly and languished for a while until finally landing at Nature's Bounty."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I used to love working here. I worked in multiple departments and multiple positions. HOWEVER, management changed over the last few years, and now it is absolutely horrible. Charts, graphs, meaningless meetings. Management does not care at all about employee feedback. HR is a complete joke, honestly the worst of any company that I have worked for. Supervisors openly talking about employees issues in front of other employees. For a "wellness" company, they DO NOT care about their employees health (physical or mental). Hard work goes unnoticed because supervisors take credit for what you do. Favoritism is rampant. A total rotating door. They cannot keep employees. Look elsewhere, there are plenty of other places in the area. I found a job with a starting pay over what I was making at The Nature's Bounty Co. After over 7 YEARS of being there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I don't know where to start.."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No communication, work keeps getting piled on workers & no help ! There is no Team !! Different rules for every shift , Favorites ."

Current Employee - QC Personal says

"Everything else is just terrible. I truly think the owner should really take a look at that department, management sucks as well as HR"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be micro managed and stabbed in the back then this place will work well for you! Too many meaningless meetings, no one follows through on reports!NoneToo many to list"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This is a terrible place to work for. Stupivisors are NO GOOD. They don’t appreciate good workers. Well that’s there loss now. The only thing that was good was the lunch."

Recieving Clerk (Current Employee) says

"this company is the worse place to work for. The management doesn't care. There is no respect. some employee do whatever they want and they never get punished for anything. This is why people keep quitting and they are always hiring."

TEAM LEADER OPERATIONS 1st 2nd 3rd shift (Former Employee) says

"You will work long hours and there is zero opportunity to transition to another role if you’re seeking growth. Expect a 6 day work without compensation for extra hours. New business unit leader is horribly lazy.Compensation if negotiation handled correctlyManagement and zero HR support"

Customer Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"-Constant changes in leadership/direction -Cutbacks everywhere to show profitability (including employee benefits/perks) -Layers upon layers of management -Lack of interdepartmental communication -Lack of transparency -Employees working in fearGreat brands!Lack on industry knowledge/expertise with key decision makers"

Catcher (Former Employee) says

"Working at Nature's Bounty is a slave job. The workers are nasty, self absorbed, most don't speak english, you get yelled at for the simplest things and the company is unorganized."

Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nature’s Bounty is a great brand but Management is flawed. When there is a 1st time manager who doesn’t yet know how to manage it can be difficult for the direct reports. There is also a lot of “my way or the highway” in terms of work. Also, the sales team can be very needy and expect you to do their work. There is no work life balance and management expects you t work morning and night! I would receive emails after 9PM with the expectation to answer. I would never recommend this company to anyone after my experience!"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Don't really have anything good to say about this company, wish I had never worked here, HR tells everyone your business, and always ready to let you go when you get hurt on the job, and they lied about being off on weekends, and manager are to busy having affairs with each other, not worried about what important."

Material handled/ Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"They treat you like slave. The employee can not use the same door as management. We have to use the back door. It was an humiliating experience for me. The plan is now close. I work at site 1111, Deerfield Beach Florida.A lot of days offYou work like an animal. Management have no respect for you"

Quality Assurance (Current Employee) says

"Not a equal opportunity work place, you can have more experience and leadership skill, Then a other associate that is friends with the manager they will get the promotion"

Lead Operator/Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Company is always changing and dose not care to listen to the ideas about its hard working employees and the yearly raise does not reflect the hard work done which is told by management until raise time comes around cause any company waste that occurs throughout the year is blamed on the workers which affects the raise. If management worked closer to the workers and listened to the issues needed to be addressed a comradery could be established so that small problems would not become major issues and cost the company thousands which could be distributed to the workers ."

Quality Assurance Floor Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Company will be closing soon find something stable hire and fire company hires disabled people in order to get government credit managers barely have any education and are under the influence most of the time"

Consumer Affairs Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is a revolving door. They treat you terribly until you want to leave and then hire a new person to chew up and spit out. STAY AWAY! Terrible work life balance."

Machine Operator/ Machine Mechanic - Packaging (Former Employee) says

"poor management making poor decisions. lots of stress for a job that has no room for growth. company keeps changing, but not for better. managers keep asking for more production, when they never see what's going on and to see where the issues are.lots of overtimejust an overall bad place to work if you're looking for growth."

direct line lead runner (Former Employee) says

"in my years at nbty I learned a lot I can run a line set up the line and also take lead of that line. my co workers respected me when I was lead.. shift change over was very hard had to get ready for my own shiftfree coffe christmas party party in summer rafelled off moneycan not advance to other jobs hit a certain pay can not advance just take a title"

forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked at NBTY as the employee tells you no body tells you I worked there for 4 years Worked all the overtime that they asked for me to do and they have very poorly management their ways of taking care of employees is horrible they take the wrong actions They rather fired you instead of fixing the problembenefitsdont complain if there is any way of harrasment becuase they will fire you like they did to me"

Line Runner (Current Employee) says

"the management team is completely incompetent and are down right nasty to their associates it goes beyond being disrespectful. Their is mandatory overtime that is forced upon associates and it you decided that you did not want to come in on a weekend you will be given a write up/fired. Associates are over worked and underpaid. HR does nothing to help anyone and are in cahoots with management. Opinions are not allowed and it you happen to voice your opinion or disagree with management they retaliate. Job duties increase but, you are given the same pay. Overall this is a horrible place to work. I like that I get paid weekly but, that is the most I can say. I love the people I work with on the associates level but, the management team is completely crazy. Supervisors and associates are leaving in droves and they are no replacing them. On my shift their are more temps than associates. We have been currently working mandatory overtime since January and it is now June numerous associates are forced to stay an extra 4 hours after their shift or come in early 4 hours mandatory if you do not you will be written up. If I could give this place 0 stars I wouldweekly pay associates I work withmangement, lack of respect, over worked, mandatory overtime"

Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"ok to work to much demanding, no work intructions for jobs, supervisors are not profetional. to talk to people.noneProduction"

It (Current Employee) says

"There is no future working for this company. The IT management here has no idea.the technologycareer path is non existent"

Catcher (Former Employee) says

"Working here when i first started was weird. I got greeted by a loud, annoying supervisor. I was told that i had to watch my back and belongings becuase people there are very scrupulous. They make the temps work way harder than perms, its not as clean and sanitary as they make it seem. NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE washes their hands before going onto the production floor. They just put on the hair nets and gloves and call it a day. People show up to work sick and coughing everywhere. They tell youbto call out if youre sick and if you do that theyll fire you off the jump"

Kath says

"Very disappointed as my goods never came and that means you took my money for something we never got. These things were for me l am 84 and need this to help me with my bowels. A friend is helping me with this because l have dementia."

vanessa jane says

"Ive waited 2 weeks for my order and nothing has come .other orders from other places have come so it's not royal mail. Full refund has been requested."

Deborah Denman says

"Over cautious pharmacist would not let me buy a tablet for travel sickness because it was considered stockpiling as we have travel restrictions in place at the moment! Happy to send me 2 packets of painkiller that i only ordered to make the order value over £10! I will never use this company again."

Tenielle says

"I ordered 2 hair removal cream and only one came! And the postage method said that I can’t report it missing until 3 weeks after it’s delivered! Absolutely ridiculous!!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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